Benchmark - Portfolio View

Radix Benchmark is designed to allow users to view detailed information for both single properties and groups of properties. By using the aggregated data the platform allows users to generate snapshot views that are both descriptive and diagnostic analytics in nature thus enabling our customers to make informed asset management decisions. The multi-property views are especially helpful to leaders in property management and ownership groups who are responsible for a portfolio of properties over time.

Accessing Your Portfolio

Go to Benchmark on the upper right corner of the screen and click on it.

You will be met with your Portfolio and a Snapshot of your properties and competitors and it allows you to compare various metrics such as NER, NER/SQFT, Concessions, Leased %, etc., based on the date range and search criteria selected.

Specifying Date Range

By using the Date Range you are able to customize the dates on the fly to show the specific data for the specific date range selected, for instance, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, etc.

Filtering Information

Next to the date range, the filter icon allows you to filter assigned properties to compare the performance of similar properties.

Filter Options

Filter options available include:

  • MSA/Submarket
  • Construction
  • Year Built
  • Users

Managing User Access

Corporate Users can choose who has access to the filter preview under the Corporate & Radix Admin Only.

Property Snapshot

By default, the Benchmark will display the property that you manage by giving you a Snapshot of where your property stands relative to your competitors. It includes information such as occupancy %, leased %, and other relevant information.

Show/Hide Metrics

You can show or hide metrics as needed by using the Show/Hide Metrics option.

More Details

You can also review performance by floor plan using the More Details panel at the bottom of the snapshot to view floor plans. This allows you to compare various metrics of your property/ies per floor plan to see how you are performing in Studios, One Bedroom, Two Bedrooms, etc.

On the other hand, Ops Metrics allows you to compare operational metrics such as Traffic/Week, Lease/Week, Leased %, ATR %, etc.

Trends - Floor Plans

Trends graphs provide a visual comparison of your property metrics vs your comps. By using the Floor Plans drop-down menu, you can easily compare your property units (studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms, etc.) against your comps.

If you want to compare all the floor plans against all of your comps floor plans, select All.

Trends - Operational Metrics

The graph will change on the fly to show you a comparison based on the selection of operational metrics such as NER, NER/SQFT, Concessions, etc.

Portfolio View

To go back to your original portfolio view, just select your property of choice under Portfolio.

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