How to Manage Custom Fees and Deposits

Custom Fees and Deposits allow users to create and track custom fees and deposits for their subject property and/or comps. For example, in an urban area where monthly parking can be a significant source of other income, users can now create and track parking fees using the Fees and Deposits Report. It can also be used to track locator fees and even RUBS/utility bill backs.

Competitors often lower or waive fees and deposits as a way to entice prospective residents into signing a lease. This might play a role in the decision-making of a prospect, especially if lower move-in costs are important to them, which is why Radix allows users to set up custom fees and deposits and track them accordingly.

Accessing Manage Properties

Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Manage Properties from the drop-down menu.

Accessing Edit Property

Select the three dots on the right of the property, and then click on Edit Property. Depending on your role, you will either have access to a property or set of properties you have been assigned to or have full portfolio access.

Accessing Fees & Deposits

Once you select Edit Property, select the Fees & Deposits tab.

Editing Fees & Deposits

You can edit information such as application fees, lease terms, and other fees/deposits. Also, you can add a custom fee in the Additional Fees & Deposits section.

Saving Changes

After you have updated information to your liking, click on Update Property.

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