How to use Perspectives

No two properties are alike, so for teams to make the most accurate business decisions, Radix has provided Perspectives. This feature allows users to customize how they compare their asset/s to their comp-set. This allows users to view different perspectives of data through filtered information.

Accessing Perspectives

On the Benchmark section, click on Perspectives. You have the option to add and/or edit existing perspectives.

Adding Perspectives

When adding a perspective, you can name it and filter data through it.

Selecting Floorplans

Select the floor plans that you would like to include in the perspective. For instance, if you would like to compare your renovated units against your comps renovated units, then select all the renovated units for your property and for your competitors.

Saving Changes

Once you have selected all the floor plans that you would like to include in the perspective, click on Save to save the perspective.

Perspectives List

You will see the perspectives you added by clicking the drop-down list.

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