Notifications and Status Update

Notifications allow you to stay on top of daily tasks including property changes, property updates, and other information. Updating them will enhance your experience as a user and help you stay on track with your properties.

Accessing Notifications

Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Notifications from the drop-down menu.

Notification Preferences

Toggle the notifications on/off depending on your preference.

  • Property Update Reminders: By toggling Property Update Reminders on, you will receive an email reminding you to update property information whenever a subject property hasn't been updated in 9 or more days.
  • Property Status Updates: By toggling Property Status Update on, each week you will receive an email summarizing your properties performance compared to their comps.

Modifying Notification Settings

Below Property Status Updates, click on settings:

You can choose the frequency of Property Status Updates you receive. For example, by selecting either weekly or monthly updates next to it, you can also select which day of the week those updates should be sent (ex: Weekly, every Thursday).

Property Notification Updates

  • Select which property(ies) these preferences will be applied to. Click on the drop-down menu called Properties. Find the properties you want to include in the report by clicking on the Search Box. Select the property(ies) by double-clicking on the name(s) which will move the properties from the Available section to Selected.
  • You can choose the perspectives you want to apply to the report by searching and double-clicking them in the box next to Perspectives.
  • You can select the data points you would like to include in the updates by double-clicking the provided options on Available to the box next to Select Columns. Please note the data points appearing on the Selected tab will be displayed during the updates.
  • Group Comps allows you to combine your comps into a single weighted average row labeled as Comp Average.

Adding Alerts

Alerts let a user quickly identify when one of their assets may be under-performing compared to the comp average based on custom parameters. For example, an alert can be set when the occupancy for a subject property drops 2% below the comp average. You will be notified if any Alert is triggered in the weekly Property Status Update.

Status and Property Update Reminders

The last option allows you to Send a Status Update. Additionally, if you turn on Receive Property Update Reminders, a reminder email to update the property will be sent when a subject property hasn't been updated in 9+ days.

Saving Changes

Finally, click on Save Notifications to save the changes.

Property Status Update Email

Depending on the data you have specified while editing your notifications, you will receive an email regarding your property status update.

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